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Didier Vermeiren

Lenticular Photographs, Los Angeles Studio, 2008


Diptych UltraChrome print, 3D lenticular lens

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Didier Vermeiren (Belgian, b. 1951).

"You can only look at a sculpture within the space surrounding it, whatever it is like because the actual material of the sculpture is the space. The space creates the sculpture and the sculpture creates the space."

-Didier Vermeiren


Didier Vermeiren is a Brussels-based sculptor who often uses photography to interpret sculpture within the space of the artist's studio. The diptych Lenticular Photographs, Los Angeles Studio, combines the 2D and 3D realms of photography and sculpture, honoring Vermeiren's practice as well as the legacy of artist studio photographs in the tradition of Giacometti, Brancusi, and Rodin.

With the 3D effect of the lenticular process in mind, Vermeiren carefully composed the elements in each scene for the greatest depth. He was drawn to the cinematic light that is unique to Los Angeles and used it here to animate the forms, textures, and tones in the spaces. Presenting the finished work in a 4 inch deep frame creates the illusion of the studios being projected from inside a portal. The lenticular process brings a vibration to this work that intimately pulls the viewer into the artist's space to encounter in stereo the creative process brought to life.

Frame Height: 19.75 inches / 50.16 cm
Frame Width: 24 inches / 60.96 cm
Frame Depth: 4 inches / 10.16 cm

Dimensions above reflect the size of each work.


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